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Friday22:00-23:59DJ Absolute's Q Base Sessions

DJ Absolute began his DJ career aged just 15, and has been a headliner at some of the biggest venue's and event's across the country, especially during the Rave scene of the early 90's, when "Dance Culture" was at it's peak. DJ Absolute was a headline DJ at ‘Life @ Bowlers’ and he was there every month for almost 6 years..... He’s also regarded by many, as being one of the best scratch masters in the business.

DJ Absolute has played many clubs and event’s over the years, some of these include: - Life / Compulsion / storm / cozmic at BOWLERS, Fantazia, Vibealite, Fantasy Island, Monroes, Passion, Buzz, Zub, State, Arena, Liverpool Festival, Area 51, Shelley's Reunion, Goodtimes, Timeless, ReWind, Illusion, Rock the Park, The Afterdark, Bonkers 6 tour, Mission, Space, Slinky, Tube, Afterlife, Missing in Manchester, EQV, Reunion, Bass 2 Bounce, Destiny & Elite, Aquarium, "051", Park Hall (and many more).

As well as having a successful career as a DJ, DJ Absolue has produced tracks for the likes of Flo Rida, Shalamar, Hazel O'Connor, 2 Live Crew, Nikki Belle, Chelcee Grimes, Kelly Llorenna, Coco, Natasha Hamilton, Special D, Oceanic, Kid Massive, Awsome 3, Attomic Kitten & many more, and he has also had releases on (or done remix work for) Sony/BMG, Ministry of Sound, Data, AATW, D6, Liberty City, B.C.D., Slip n Slide, Adheasive, Boss, Cleveland City, Nu Life & RCA.

Last 6 Songs Played by DJ Absolute

Played 09-03-2018 at 22:48
Sam Smith
Played 02-03-2018 at 22:59
Played 02-03-2018 at 22:03
Do You Love Me
Brian Poole And The Tremeloes
Played 09-02-2018 at 23:32
Gnarls Barklay
Played 15-12-2017 at 22:06
Cosmic girl
Played 15-12-2017 at 22:05
Against all odds
Mariah Carey, Westlife
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