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Louise Croombs

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Monday07:00-11:00Breakfast with Louise Croombs
Wednesday07:00-11:00Breakfast with Louise Croombs
Thursday07:00-11:00Breakfast with Louise Croombs
Friday07:00-11:00Breakfast with Louise Croombs
Louise grew up in Tameside then lived in London and Reading before coming back to the borough. Louise worked in professional theatre for ten years and was a presenter and producer at Hospital Radio Reading for four years. She has won four awards at the National Hospital Radio Awards. Best Newcomer (Gold) 2010, Presenter of the Year (Gold) 2011 and (Bronze) 2013 and presented and produced Best Programme with Multiple Presenters (Gold) 2013.

In 2016 Louise won a number of awards at the Community Radio Awards securing the silver award for female presenter of the year.

In 2017 Louise won more awards at the Community Radio Awards securing the Gold award for female presenter of the year as well as Gold for Journalism.

You can find out more about Louise and her voluntary work at her Website

Last 6 Songs Played by Louise Croombs

Played 15-01-2018 at 10:55
I'll Be Ok
Played 15-01-2018 at 10:45
Wide Awake
Josh Record
Played 15-01-2018 at 10:41
Drink Up
Played 15-01-2018 at 10:35
David Bowie
Played 15-01-2018 at 10:32
Stand And Deliver
Adam Ant
Played 15-01-2018 at 10:24
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John
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