Songs played by Tameside Radio Music

Show broadcast on Thursday 11 January between 03:00 & 04:00

Played at 03:53
Jo Boxers
Played at 03:49
Johnny Remember Me
John Leyton
Played at 03:45
Rita Ora
Played at 03:42
I'd Rather Jack
The Reynold Girls
Played at 03:40
When Will I Be Loved
The Everly Brothers
Played at 03:36
Song sung blue
Neil Diamond
Played at 03:32
Caribbean Queen
Billy Ocean
Played at 03:28
Larger Than Life
Backstreet Boys
Played at 03:23
Sit and Wait
Sydney Youngblood
Played at 03:20
Shot Reverse Shot
Jack Johnson
Played at 03:16
Figure You Out
Played at 03:10
Dont Think You're The First
The Coral
Played at 03:06
Life's What You Make It
Talk Talk
Played at 03:02
Can't Get Enough
Soul Searcher
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