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How to Listen to Tameside Radio

  • 103.6FM in Tameside, Greater Manchester
  • WiFi Radio
  • Samsung Smart TV
    • vTuner Internet Radio
  • Xbox
    • TuneIn
    • Internet Explorer
Mobile & Tablet
  • iOS
    • TuneIn Radio app or Web browser
    • Tameside Radio app
  • Android
    • TuneIn Radio app or Web browser
PC & Mac
  • Desktop browser
  • Windows app

Streaming Links for WiFi Radios

Nerd Alert! - We broadcast in a variety of bitrates for things such as WiFi Radios. We're listed on many internet radio databases with our 96k MP3 feed, however you may wish to use a different bit rate or your set may require manual input of stream links, so below you can find a list of the ones we use. Here's a handy tip: the higher the quality (in brackets), the longer your radio may take to buffer and it may result in 'blips and stutters' depending on your connection. All streams are in stereo, unless stated. If you don't possess a WiFi radio, you can get one from nice radio-makers PURE, Roberts, and Logitech in supermarkets. These links can also be used in a program such as VLC if you don't wish to listen in a browser.

All our streams - bar one - feature our enhanced meta now playing information, with weather updates, on-air presenter times, messages, etc. Much like the RadioText on our FM transmission but with much more dynamic data. For the main feed, only song title updates are sent.

Tameside Radio Labs


Audiophile Alert! - We've gone to the other end of the scale and currently testing streaming in the lossless streaming codec called FLAC. Please note: the stream isn't for the faint hearted. The trial WILL take up a lot of bandwidth, it averages 1Mb/s! We recommend listening in VLC, available on literally all platforms these days. Broadband only! This stream is a 'finesse' feed, and is a direct studio output, allowing you to hear the full dynamic range with little processing, just a smidge of limiting and stereo width. Feel free to send us an email with comments regarding these trials and anything digital!
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